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The Instituto Lux seeks for academically qualified students who will contribute to our community as they become Men and Women for Others according to the values and  ideals of our Jesuit School.


Every new school term, the Instituto Lux offers a limited number of openings for admission in the following school sections: Nursery, Preschool (grades K1 and K2), Elementary (grades 1st. through 6th.), Junior High (grades 1st. and 2nd.) and High School (grades 1st. and 2nd.).

1.- Admission Application

To start the admission process, the pre-registration form that will be available on this website starting on Monday, November 23rd, 2020, must be filled out.

Afterwards, it is necessary that the parent or guardian of the candidate purchases the Admission Application Form at Instituto Lux.


High school candidates must answer the questionnaire that will be sent to parent's email, once the Admission Application Form has been purchased. 

Parents or guardians should request the Admission Application Form and pay the Application Fee ($600) at the Office Reception for each of the corresponding School Section during the Admission Application Period: November 30th. to December 4th.


The paperwork to be submitted when requesting the Application Form are:

a. Applicant's Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)


b. Applicant's National Id Number [CURP]


c. Applicant's photographs

Materlux, Preschool and Elementary 3 small sized photographs 2.5 x 3 cm.

Junior High and High School 2 small sized photographs 2.5 x 3 cm.

d. Applicant's parents' photographs 1 small sized photograph 2.5 x 3 cm. each


e. Applicant's official and current transcript from the school the student is

currently enrolled at (this does not apply for Preschool K1 Applicants).


f. Certificate of no-debt, or letter stating that tuition or educational costs are not



(Please consider that the Application Fee must be paid in cash).


2.- Important Dates

Once the Admission Application Form and Application Fee have been completed, the following dates and processes shall be observed:

a. Admissions Interview Date: both the parents or guardians will be required to attend the Admissions Interview in a pre-scheduled meeting (if requesting admission into Junior High or High School, the Applicant will also be required to attend this interview along with his/her parents).

b. Standardized Test Date: the Applicant must take the standardized test on the date assigned (this does not apply for Preschool Applicants for K1). A study guide will be given for the Applicant to prepare for his/her test.

c. Psychometric Evaluation Date: the Applicant must take the psychometric test on the date assigned.



3.- Results

The results of the Admission Process will be informed only to the Applicant's parents or guardians - in person -, on March 1st, 2021 at the Office Reception for each of the corresponding School Section.

The results of the Admission Process for Nursery will be informed on May 10,  2021.


Office Reception Schedules from 8:00 am. to 2:00 pm.




4.- Admittance and Registration

Once the Admissions Committee has decided on the applicant's positive candidacy, a "Letter of Admittance" will be issued for the asking the Families to:

a. Sign their acceptance to the School's Regulations (Rules Book), the Educational Services Contract and any other related document.

b. Bring in any additional paperwork required by the School's Registrar Office to complete the Student's File.

c. Pay the Registration Fee for enrollment before March 27, 2021.


NB - At Instituto Lux English is taught as a Foreign Language. And even though we are not a bilingual school yet, we take any big and small opportunity to use English in context.


If you have any questions, please email us:

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